TweetPost WordPress Plugin

TweetPost is a multi-user plugin that automatically tweets or links to new posts.


TweetPost is a multiuser plugin which allows wordpress publishers to automatically tweet their new posts to their Twitter account. Tweets consist of a message ("New post from @user") including a reference to the author's Twitter name, the title of the post, and a shortened link to the post.

Currently, the Twitter Poster consists of the following features.

  • Authorize a global Twitter account with the site

  • Specify a login and API key to associate with the site

  • Adds a "Twitter" property to user details, so users can manage their own Twitter name

  • Automatically submits the permalink to and adds that to the tweet

  • Adds a reference to the author's Twitter account in the tweet

  • Fits the tweet into Twitter's 140-character limit.


This Twitter Poster plugin and Wordpress Plugin Framework are being developed under the GNU General Public License, version 2.

[GNU General Public License, version 2]( "GNU General Public License, version 2")


The current version can be downloaded here: tweetpost


  1. Unzip the archive file.

  2. Verify the name of the unzipped folder to be "tweetpost"

  3. Upload the "tweetpost" folder to the root of your Wordpress "plugins" folder.

  4. Activate the "tweetpost" plugin in your website's plugin administration page.

  5. Navigate to the "Settings" ~ "TweetPost" administration page, to add account info.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to register my blog with Twitter?
Yes. Due to details of Twitter's implementation of the OAuth protocol, it is
necessary to register your blog as a Twitter API consumer application. It's silly, but fortunately it's not difficult to do.

Change Log

  • 1.0

    • Added support for Twitter OAuth protocol

    • Removed support for Twitter's (now defunct) Basic authentication

    • Added messaging missing configuration

  • 0.1
    • Initial version

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