MacBook Air wired ethernet adapter failing to connect

For the past week I've been having serious troubles with wired networking on my MacBook Air. It took me a while to notice, because I use only wifi at home or when I'm out, but the wifi at my office is pathetic so everyone still prefers ethernet. But when I started having network troubles and realized none of my coworkers were having any such problems, I started paying attention.

Of course anyone who's used a MacBook air knows that there is no ethernet port, so in order to plug in to a wired network you have to use the USB ethernet adapter (aka, ugly dongle). In the network settings control panel, my wired ethernet consistently showed as "unplugged", and only ever managed to connect if I plugged it in and then completely rebooted the computer -- something most Mac users are not accustomed to doing very often.

After digging around online at great length, I eventually found a solution in the Apple Support Community that seemed too fitting to ignore: a user who described an identical problem, which he reported as being fixed after he uninstalled Android File Transfer Agent.

Naturally, since I just got my Nexus 7 a couple weeks ago, and it took me a few days to discover the Android File Transfer Agent, the timeline was too coincidental to be ignored.

And indeed, uninstalling the Android File Transfer Agent has completely cured my network woes. So... way to go Google.
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