Lightboxes are for assholes

There is a sickening, maddening, frustrating, irritating trend in the web for the last year or so. People are overusing "lightboxes".

A lightbox is that effect when the screen goes kind of dark and you can only see one thing centered in the middle. It's a modern (web 2.0?) form of modal input.

In other words, it stops you from doing what you want, in order to force you to do what the web site wants. And that, my friends, is a fundamentally evil behavior.

This particular behavior is especially overused in internet marketing: you're trying to read a blog and then suddenly you can't do anything until you sign up for their email list; you're trying to read some song lyrics but suddenly your screen is hijacked by an ad for ringtones; you click a link to read an article on a news site, but before you can read it you have to sit through a commercial for Swiffer or some other bullshit.

Well fuck that. I made a browser plugin to shut off those lightboxes. Click for Firefox. Click for Chrome.

Unfortunately, because this is a non-standard behavior, there are limitless ways to create new lightbox popups and my plugin can never stop all of them, but I'm happy just to stop the most used ones, if that means an improved browsing experience for some people.

Meanwhile, if you use my plugin and you see a site with lightbox popus that aren't blocked, please tweet me or email me or comment here and I'll happily add support to block it in the future.
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