Note: apparently, Amazon™ has mistakenly come to the conclusion that "KindleTwit" website is somehow in conflict with their trademark.

Unfortunately I find their offer to pay me for the cost of the domain, once I turn it over to them, completely absurd. The domain has value, thanks to the code there, as well as the "link juice" it has gained around the web.

I'm not interested in being bullied. Honestly, I'd happily sell them the domain if they offered me a more realistic value, rather than insulting me. We'll see how this goes.

KindleTwit is open source!
If you want to build on this idea, or incorporate it into something of your own, feel free.

Source code available on GitHub

Impressed with the availability of free 3G wireless on certain e-readers, I decided to buy one. And within the first few minutes of playing with it, I found myself on the Twitter web site, cringing while I loaded their heavy UI from this device.

So I did the only logical thing I could think of. I created a Twitter client that happens to work well on any 3G-connected e-reader, called KindleTwit.

I wrote the first version in just a few hours and tweeted it to my friends. Next thing I knew there were hundreds of people all over the web talking about it! Of course since they'd seen the first draft, not everything they said was flattering. (But a lot of it was!)

Anyhow, in response to complaints about missing functionality, I've added hyperlinking for URLs and @replies, and links to reply and retweet on messages.

I've also added the ability to see mentions, aka @replies.

I still have plans to add hyperlinking for hashtags.

Please feel free to leave comments, complaints, and compliments below. Thanks!