Keyboard navigation plugin for WordPress

I prefer to use the keyboard for navigating content whenever possible, rather than the more awkward movement of a mouse... and my carpal tunnels thank me for that preference. I've seen keyboard navigation of posts implemented on FFFFOUND! and thought it was really nice. So I decided to make a WordPress plugin to allow others that functionality easily.

Scrolling through posts by keyboard may not be useful to everyone, but it makes a lot of sense for anyone with a photoblog. Users can quickly flip through your content without enlessly flicking a scroll wheel or clicking and dragging until they grab their wrists in pain.

  • Press the "J" key to see the next post, and the "K" key takes you to the previous post.

Planned features:

  • Add "next" and "previous" keys for page-by-page navigation.

  • Add an options page which allows the navigation keys to be customized.

  • Automatically load the "next" or "previous" page when you hit the end.

  • Detect the scrollable element in a site's design. (Current version only scrolls the body.)

The current version can be downloaded at


  • 0.6

    • Updated the algorithm to work with fractional scrollTop property in Firefox

  • 0.5

    • Added scroll event listener to make the navigation sensitive to your current scroll position

  • 0.4

    • Continues to next/previous page when you navigate past the last (or first) post

  • 0.3

    • Javascript has moved to a separate file and is now added through via wp_enqueue_script

    • jQuery has been implemented for all DOM functions

    • ScrollTop is now at the top of the screen, as expected

    • Tested on Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 3.5, Safari 4, and Chrome 3

  • 0.2

    • Key navigation is no longer added on single posts

    • Keypress events are ignored inside of TEXTAREA and INPUT elements

  • 0.1

    • Initial version

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