Don't publish an API that isn't complete

I've been receiving comments lately from people asking me to update my Crossposterous plugin to use additional features from Posterous, particularly those added by version 2 of their API.

And I would love to do that.

Unfortunately, Posterous has published an incomplete API, and what they call documentation is what I call a joke.

And to add insult to injury, they've also removed (or hidden) all the documentation from the V1 API that I am currently using, and seems to work (most of the time).

I've worked in startups that were constantly rushing bad code out to production and then fixing it later, and I understand the mentality of deliver-and-iterate. If you're going to deliver a little now and add to it later, that's fine. It makes sense. But don't remove something that's working just for the sake of adding something that's not.

And moreover, we're talking about an API here. This isn't a UI change that might take a moment for people to get used to later... it's a change in functionality that requires developers to re-write and re-release software. It's frustrating and irresponsible.
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