AppEngine-powered blog platform

I've recently become very fascinated with Google's AppEngine. Not only is it fast, powerful, and massively scalable, but it also completely lifts all of the operational administration duties, so that programmers can just program, without having to keep up with the rat race of security and infrastructure. It's a brilliant idea.

I want to build a lot more and do a lot more with AppEngine, but the best first place to start seemed to be building a blog. Why a blog? First, because I need one -- I have to replace Wordpress, which has become too much of a nussance to me. Second, because a blog has data to model, which helped me to learn to work within the confines of Google's HRDS. And third, I already have traffic to my blog, so I know that I can get an instant, built-in test against real-world use.

For the moment, it's not "perfect", but I've managed to put together a rather nice blogging platform on AppEngine. With a little time to polish it, I don't see why it couldn't be every bit as good as WordPress... not to mention faster, more stable, and 1000x more secure.

This blog you are reading right now is being served on my new platform. If you're interested in trying it out for yourself, grab the source code and give it a shot.
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