Adium silent failure when joining new chat

I use Adium for almost all of my chat needs (all but Skype) on the Mac, so this week, as I was starting my new job and setting up my new computer I installed Adium and tried to log in to the developers chat room.

The problem is, I typed the wrong information on the first attempt, and there is a bug in Adium which causes it to silently fail on all subsequent attempts, even after the information is entered correctly.

I tried dozens of times. I tried closing and reopening Adium. Nothing.

When a coworker sent me an invitation to the group, I was able to get in, but that only lasted half a day, and then I was once again unable to connect.

What finally did work for me, was to completely wipe the contents of ~/Library/Application Support/Adium 2.0 and restart Adium. After doing this, I had to add my accounts again, but everything worked as expected.
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