About this site

This web site is a place for me to share my thoughts on technology (hardware, software, etc.) a place to test new ideas, and a place for me to share the things I'm working on. There's no telling what might turn up here: I've shared Javascript functions, C# libraries, and even shell scripts for cleaning up a hacked PHP web site.

In the 10+ years that I've been a programmer, I've worked in many different capacities, for many organizations, and done many things. I can't think of a web technology that I haven't used in some way... html, javascript, perl, asp, php, css, cold fusion, com, ole, delphi, java, c#, vb.net, ruby on rails, django, python, yui, prototype, jquery, cgi, isapi, nsapi, wsgi, dom, xml, xslt, json, ajax, dav, xmlrpc, microsoft, linux, mac, ios, android... you could say I've been around the block.

Unfortunately, due to various confidentiality agreements and intellectual property laws, there's very little that I can actually share with the world! That is a large part of the reason for why, in recent years, I have been shifting a greater portion of my attention to open source development, free plugins, and numerous other things that allow me to give back to the world from the things I've been able to learn over the years.